Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This is a Reject Takeover!

So you feel rejected? LOL Join the club! You wouldn’t imagine how many people you come in contact with daily feel rejected, alone and unsupported but yet still seem to smile and love just as if they don’t experience those feelings.

So many times the rejection and lack of support can make you feel less able or qualified to do almost anything.

If I can be transparent, I used to often feel and have felt rejected by people who were and some who are still dear to my heart. A few years back, I felt rejected and extremely hurt over some things and I unofficially and spontaneously counseled with clergy regarding these feelings. Much to my surprise, he advised me to go back and read the story of David from the place I am currently in. I have read the story of David so many times and couldn’t possibly imagine what would be different this time but I’m so glad I was obedient. It’s amazing how the word of God will always be relevant for what we are dealing with. There are so many feelings that moved through my heart just by reading such a short portion of the scripture. I then started a reading plan “30 Days with David” in the Olive Tree App. The portion of scripture that really had an impact was is 1 Samuel 17-18. So many times, I have wondered why? I felt rejected in so many primary relationships that should have been my place of refuge and support. I wondered what I had done wrong or what I could have done different. Just reading those 2 chapters brought so much peace and comfort to my heart and really turned my heart toward God even the more. I know you are asking why? Well, I looked at David and I saw that David was rejected, accused of things he didn’t do or even have a heart to do and accused of just being downright evil. When we take a leap of faith to do something for God or to help people, satan always attacks and the most troubling thing about it is he often works through the people we love and/or trust the most. Sometimes you don’t even have to take a leap of faith, but just have a purpose and call on your life to serve and work for the Kingdom which makes us a mark in the eyes of the enemy. So many times the rejection and lack of support can make you feel less able or qualified to do almost anything. It can make you look at the task and wonder how in the world you are going to conquer what’s ahead. Even today, after reading in those moments about David, I feel empowered. There were and are so many things I can relate to. 1) His siblings did not include David in the things they did; 2) His brother accused him of being presumptuous and having an evil heart!

"Forgive those who have rejected and hurt you."

If you have been rejected like David and I, I encourage you and so does the word of God, to turn away from it! Forgive those who have rejected and hurt you. Don’t allow that offense to fill your heart and hold you back because it will. God will use you and I to do great things. We have to be like David and encourage ourselves by recounting the victories God has given us in the past. Saul came right out and told David he is not able to fight against the Philistine. David didn’t respond in anger or frustration but he responded with facts. (1 Sam. 17:33-37) He began to recall every victory God had given him in the field. Ha Ha!!! Our field experiences are the experiences that build our faith and allow us to collect our victories before heading to main event! He recounted those victories and had confidence that God would come through again. What is even crazier is that after all of that rejection, we tend to second guess ourselves. We lose confidence in our gifts and our abilities. David did not! In fact, he tried to be obedient and do what Saul directed which was to put on the same armor everyone else used to fight. But the moment David put all that armor on and began to walk with it, he realized he was not used to that armor and would be unable to fight with it. We have to be confident in the fact that we may not be like everyone else and their journey is not our journey. God has given us our gifts that are made uniquely for us to use as He develops us. It is when we have confidence in who we are and what we do that we can defeat the giants. Take your gifts and use them according to what God has developed in you. Never try to put on someone else’s armor to fight a battle designated for you and your gift.

Many times God will choose people to use who have been rejected and excluded. That’s me and most probably many of you! I graciously accept and promise you that the “rejects takeover” at some point in their life and do so with the power and strength of god. God will purposely choose those whom society would reject in order to show Himself mighty and strong! (1Cor. 1:26-29).

Most importantly, when David goes to fight the Philistine, he tells him that he “comes to him in the name of the Lord of Hosts”!!! The reject took over that battle with the words of His mouth by proclaiming the Lord of Hosts!

It’s time to takeover!

'Til Next time!

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