Getting Through Transition And Change!

Transition and Change can be really challenging but digging in our heals and committing to the change can make it an easier road to travel.

Whoa! What a couple of years it’s been! I literally can’t believe it’s been over 2 years since my husband Tyrone and I moved from New York to Atlanta. I’ll admit, it’s been one heck of a transition. I never would have thought in a million years that I’d struggle this severely with transition! We’ve struggled with making new friends, plugging in to a new church, and getting comfortable in our careers. We do love our home and most of all, we love “us.” Thank God for “us!”

The hardest part of our transition has been having balance in remembering New York but also learning to let go. At some point we realized we were holding on to too many things we were supposed to leave behind which meant, the new and fresh opportunities and connections God had prepared for us had no room to transition in. WE were causing our own struggle! Imagine that!?

Is that you too? Are there things or people in your life God wants you to let go of so He can actually grant the desires of your heart? It is mind blowing how often we go to God in prayer and we go through all the motions, but we don’t mentally and spiritually position ourselves to receive the answers and blessings He is ready to provide. I guess I’m the hard-headed child that needs a little thump to get back in line sometimes.

One day I simply heard God tell me to let go. I almost lost it! Haha! Let go of what?! He told me He had set the table for me but I’m still sitting at the table in New York that has no food, no company and no setting for ME. It is set for someone else, there is food prepared for others but I no longer had a place at that table. Ugh! THAT was hard to hear because I just knew I was being obedient. I realized at that moment that the only thing in life that is constant is CHANGE. We needed to trust God. Rather than trying to figure out His plan or make our own, just trust Him. Seasons change and in every season there are expected experiences. This season was our Fall season. A season of change, letting go and falling away of some things. You may be going through a season of change as well. If you having a hard time, I get it for sure.

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So here are a few ways we have navigated through this season of transition and change!

1. Repent and ask God to forgive you for not trusting Him to lead you through. Then declare out loud that you are ready for Him to take the Wheel.

2. Set a weekly time to fast and pray specifically for God to lead you through these changes and transitions (and stick to it!).

3. Make a solid commitment to study God’s word concerning this specific area in your life. (Click here for a free download of scriptures on change and letting go).

4. Live in the Moment! We posted Psalm 119:105 to our refrigerator and said it out loud every day. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” A lamp just shows you the next few steps. Take those steps in faith and live in THAT moment. Not the moments in the past. Focus on your now. Don’t waste time trying to make this season what you want it to be. Be a good steward over every moment.

5. Commit to being obedient to His voice. Be intentional about the decisions you are making. Run every decision through this test: Does it keep you bound to the things you need to let go or encourage you toward what’s ahead?

6. Get your tribe involved! Share your struggle with your trusted Tribe and be accountable. Don’t try to do this alone!

There is something great on the other side of your change! Just keep pushing through!

Til Next Time!

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