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Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Hey Yawl!!

I don’t even know where to start with this first blog post up on the NEW Blog! It’s been some time since I have written and I’ve transitioned to a new blog reflecting personal and lifestyle blogs! I’ve got so much on my heart to say!

All I could think about was “Lord is this Your answer to my prayer? I didn’t mean THIS!

As I sit and remember a time in my life when I had a major shift and God propelled me into purpose. I had always wanted to blog at least once per week but time had not permitted me to do so. I would have words from God on my mind but no time to actually blog them.  I had been praying for two years for God to just grant me the time to do the things that my heart desired.  I had prayed for more time to spend with Him daily, more time to write quality worship songs, more time for my family, more time to express the thoughts He gives me through my blog and more time to complete books I have started but not finished.  Songs and thoughts would almost always come to me mid-day when I was at work and unable to stop and write them down or record them.

 I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to open a door.  So long story short, I quit my job (that I was on for 6 years) for a job that I thought would be less stressful, closer to home and give me the ability to do some of the things I desired to do.  I took a $10,000.00 pay cut for what I thought would be a better opportunity to focus on God and the things He has purposed me to do.  That proved to be SO WRONG.  The new job was triple the work for less compensation and I was miserable each and every day. I would literally get to work and think “oh goodness, not again!”  After about 5 months of that I determined in my mind, I will no longer think negative thoughts and I opened my mouth to a friend and said “I’m so happy to go to work today” explaining to her that I just wanted to declare something different instead of the complaint.  Sooooo on Friday, November 30, 2012 I truly experienced the fruit of being obedient when we don’t understand what God is doing. At 4:30 pm HR called me into their office.  When I walked in the office I knew immediately.  My head boss and the HR director were both present and he proceeded to say “I’m so sorry Rayna but unfortunately “________” is coming back to New York for her own personal reasons that I cannot discuss and we believe it would be best to give her her job back.”  All I could say was “ok. Thank you”. He continued to talk but I didn’t pay much attention.  My first thought was prideful “wait…did they just let ME go???“  I have never been let go or laid off in my entire work career!  Then I thought “goodness, what are we going to do financially???”  But as I sat there and they continued to explain their decision, a calm spirit came over me and said “it will be alright – just trust Me”.  I just kept saying “thank you”, packed my things and exited the building.  All I could think about was “Lord is this Your answer to my prayer? I didn’t mean THIS!” lol.

"God shifted our lives even when we couldn’t see what was happening."

So there I was…home for two weeks and so many things had already become clear to me.  I began to fluently hear melodies and lyrics for worship songs, the vision for the Faith Devotional was clear, and many of the visions and songs God planted in my heart were beginning to make sense!  I found order, I found purpose. I was excited for the year ahead. I know that God had visions and goals for me to accomplish and He opened the doors wide! In the coming couple of years, we completed a live recording of worship music, released 2 worship songs to the nation, wrote and released the Heart of Worship Daily Devotion, began drafting another book (“A Worship Leader’s Handbook”), completed and taught a curriculum for H.O.W. Worship Leader’s Conference Curriculum, hosted the first Heart of Worship Conference, traveled the US worshipping and leading people to Christ! THANKFUL to say the least! But so humbled at how God shifted our lives even when we couldn’t see what was happening.

Since that shift in my life several years ago, God has given us healing for our hurts, He’s allowed us to promises and prayers answered, He has showed us our faith isn’t in vain and He has continued to reveal vision. I know He will do the same for you during your shifting season! I am still excited to see what more God has in this season of life for you and I!

In this season, visions are being manifested way beyond ME. God visions are coming to fruition! I’d love to have you on this journey of Faith, Music and Life with me!!! I can’t wait to hear what God is doing in this season of YOUR life! Praying we will become prayer partners and blaze this Kingdom life together!

~Til next time!!!

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