Meet Rayna

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Rayna Brown

Hey yall! Rayna here! I’m really just a girl who loves Jesus, tea and cheese! I’m married to the most amazing man, Tyrone Brown and am loving the journey we are walking together. I’ve served in church since I was a little girl but have still spent many years running from Jesus and looking for my purpose down here! I was licensed as a Minister in 2002 but never had confidence in my voice (speaking or singing). I’ve spent the last 20 years as a Paralegal never feeling fulfilled and purposeful.

I started writing and blogging back in 2012 and found that the blog transitioned into an outlet for other women to either express their own thoughts or find strength in my thoughts. I’ve stopped and started while trying to find my way through this journey. The enemy stole my voice through a life experience and I felt like I didn’t have the right to speak on anything faith led. But here I am, overcoming the enemy and his tricks so that I can be the outlet He’s called me to be. I’ve since made it my life to connect people to God’s heart because I know finding the Heart of God was my life-line to healing my own heart issues.

My desire is to help connect or re-connect you and other women to His heart so that you can experience the same freedom and strength I’ve gained! I know it isn’t easy experiencing the ups and downs of everyday living so I’m Hoping you will join me in doing life together so we can join hands for the strength and will power we need to stay connected to Him!